Project Runway 4 – Episode 5

Is Kit making fun of Heidi during the opening credits? Probably not since Heidi was clearly added later in post-production. She too busy having “naked time” with Seal and her pups.

The episode starts out with “Sweet P” mourning the loss of Chris. If someone casually overheard this conversation, you would think he was dead and not voted out of a reality TV show. There are more serious things to think about “Sweet P”, like the bangs:

You look younger with the hair away from your face.

The Challenge:

Create a new look for everyday women using their old clothes

The models for this challenge were women who lost a significant amount of weight, as explained by Heidi:

“The clothes they are wearing were their favorite outfits before their transformation.”

Bullcrap. There is a woman in a wedding dress, and you are saying that is her favorite outfit? Is this what she wears when she runs to the market to pickup some milk or to have lunch with a friend? I sense the producers had a hand in this. All the other woman at a least 2 pieces of casual clothing, and this woman has a wedding dress? I smell a fix.

Heidi pulls from the “magic bag o’ buttons” and Steven got paired up with thewoman wearing the wedding dress. He is so screwed, and he knew it.

I wonder how many expletives are going through his mind at this moment?

While Steve was crapping his pants, Kevin, for a straight man, showed his very gayest hand wave:

But he was quickly outdone by Ricky:

He claimed it was done for design research for his model since they are about the same size. Make it work, Ms. Ricky. He ended the tear drought,

so I will cut him some slack.

As you may know by know, Jack had to leave the competition because of a medical condition. He began to develop a MRSA, which he has had before, which could become very serious if left untreated. His leaving was quite dramatic with tear from everyone (except Kevin) but I didn’t feel much. Maybe because I knew he was going that I didn’t allow myself to attach to him. He stated that this illness is not HIV/AIDS related at all and that anyone to could get. At least we have this to remember him by:

Adios, Jack. But like a flamboyant Pheonix rising from the gay ashes of fashion,

Chris is reborn, and the redemption can begin.

The results:

Winner: Christian, Auf’d: Steven, My Fav: Christian

Steven was in a futile attempt to save himself from elimination. During judging he was told that his garment looked like a French maid uniform, but I think that was the look he was after. He told the hairstylist to make his model look “French”. And for all we know his model could be a French maid.

When Steven was being auf’d, I saw this:

He looks pretty good in this picture. The light and shadows makes him look a bit David Beckham-esque. Your dry wit will be missed.

Did anyone see how Jillian totally cheated?

The dress she made was create from all new fabric and only a fraction of the model’s old pant for the piping. Steven used more original material than she did. What was the point of the brief if you don’t have to adhere to it? But his garment was a big mess and “slapped together with glue and a prayer.” So ultimately, the judges’ decision was justified.

I am very happy to report that my show is no longer broken. This episode was the best of the whole season thus far. The Tim Gunn I loved from previous seasons return and made me laugh:

“I have more bad decisions at 3 o’clock in the morning than I can list.”

I will leave you with Michael Kors sharing one of his bad 3 o’clock in the morning decisions:

“I went to a bar last night and met this guy… “

” … and he left after breakfast.”


Ricky Cry Tally: 9

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