New Simpsons Fan Theory Is Intriguing, Really Depressing

If you talk to dedicated Simpsons fans, many will agree that the show peaked in the the mid-’90s, when the plots grew increasingly outlandish and fantastic. Others will pin the show’s drop in quality to a point earlier in the decade, when the show began to abandon its humanistic, grounded outlook for more joke-centric stories. Just about everybody will agree that since the end of the ’90s, the show has been in a steady overall decline, with few signs of improvement.

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One Response to New Simpsons Fan Theory Is Intriguing, Really Depressing

  1. Paul says:

    I thought this was really quite smart. I read the comments below and stumbled across Garfield minus Garfield . I had never occurred to me to “read” cartoons in these ways – perhaps I’m simply too literal or unimaginative. There are clearly brilliant people out there. Thanks for the link. As far as I’m concerned, The Simpsons were much better in the first 15 seasons or so – but those are the ones I watched over and over. A friend gave them to me on CD-ROM šŸ™‚ …. that was WAY more important that the episodes themselves!

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