Georgia wants EV owners to pay for saving the planet

Climate change is still a real, looming threat, so you’d think that getting people using electric cars would be a vital project to safeguard the future. Unfortunately, the state of Georgia is so broke that it’s not only pulling its electric vehicle s…

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3 Responses to Georgia wants EV owners to pay for saving the planet

  1. Paul says:

    There was something similar here in NC where the legislature wanted to introduce a road tax on bicycles. I think the logic is that users of infrastructure – in this case roads and bridges – should pay for their maintenance. Currently, it is drivers through gasoline taxes that pay for maintenance. If, in future, electric cars are the major transportation option for most people, then we will have to derive a fair tax to pay for road maintenance, but for now, tax incentives are required to introduce this new technology and improve the electric grid infrastructure. One current solution is a carbon tax – so that if Leaf drivers use electricity produced from coal, that they are still contributing to road maintenance and environmental clean up. At any rate, at some point it will have to revert to user pay … and e-vehicles use roads. (as do bicycles). That time is not now however.

  2. Paul says:

    There was a discussion in the Canadian Paper about landlords (commercial in this case) and the need to provide charging stations. The logic was impeccable – people face changes to their day that require trips – those using electric cars are more comfortable if their car is always fully recharged.

    It is disappointing to see how few electric cars are on the road in Canada. πŸ™

    It is also interesting to read in the comments that there are people who do not feel that this is a service that should be provided free by the landlord (unless it is covered in rents etc.) … I run a non-profit here in the United States. We have looked at adding a recharging station – but the cost of installation is too high. I wonder if people expect someone else to pay for the electricity every time – that may change over time as well.

  3. Killervirgo says:

    Thanks Paul. Place like Norway there are a lot of incentives for those who drive EV cars (HOV/bus lane access, avoiding VAT for importing cars like Telsa, free charging, etc..) but there is a bit of a backlash because now EV car are clogging HOV/bus lanes.

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