Fracking Activity Is Probably Causing Earthquakes in Texas

Fracking can’t catch a break from bad press recently: Some think it’s triggering earthquakes in Texas, a state usually lacking in seismic activity.

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2 Responses to Fracking Activity Is Probably Causing Earthquakes in Texas

  1. Paul says:

    Of course, the Texas State Legislature has also banned cities from enacting their own fracking bans (like Denton) … because it is better to make money on an old and dirty technology that is causing earthquakes than to think about adopting a new one. The only light at the end of the tunnel – and this is as a Canadian, is to discover that Alberta is NOT our version of Texas … and that the province has voted in the NDP (New Democratic Party) .. about as close to socialists as you can get in Canada. Wonderful! There is, I think, hope for Texas in this too. Dallas, Houston, Austin etc – these are not right-wing nut job places – they are hip, urban, and therefore Democratic and environmental. It cannot take forever for the State of Texas to become a blue state and take a lead on issues like water and global climate change. (of course blue and red mean the opposite in Canada). Though the letters to the editor in the DMN, if they are to be believed, show the old guard dying hard! (great reading for entertainment value though – I particularly love that Texas is about to be invaded by the Federal Government 🙂 )

  2. Paul says:

    Also – just apropos of the city ban on bans … where is the limit of democracy? Is the State the final arbiter? Shouldn’t democracy extend to smaller units (like the city) … or, if they believe that Texas has a right to over-rule a local city ordinance, why are they surprised when the Federal Government believes it has the right to over-rule a purely Texas decision?

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