13th Anniversary

So … yeah. I haven’t posted in about 1.5 years, but today marks the day I started this blog 13 years ago.

It’s hard to believe this blog has been up for 13 years, and that I have been paying for a webhosting service and not using this blog. I really want to change that.

I hoping for a full revamp of my blog next year, and hope to write more.

When I re-read my old posts, I can’t believe I wrote them. My life is all about my work and career that my personal creative pursuits don’t get the attention that they need. I really need to change that.

Not sure if anyone I know still reads this. If you this pops up in your RSS feeds, let me know.

To a fruitful 2018.

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  1. Paul says:

    Iā€™m still following your blog šŸ™‚

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